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November 25, 2002

San Francisco — November 25, 2002 — Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) today announced Macromedia Director MX, the most powerful multimedia authoring environment for building high-end, rich, interactive content and applications deployed on CD/DVD-ROM, kiosks, and the web via Macromedia Shockwave Player. Macromedia Director has led the industry for more than 14 years and, with this major new version, Macromedia is delivering an authoring tool that incorporates a range of new capabilities to meet the evolving needs of today’s multimedia developer (see attached quote sheet) while retaining all the power of its core features.

"The new version of Macromedia Director makes this powerful application even more important to businesses that need to deliver maximum interactive experiences on fixed-media such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, as well as on the Internet," said Norm Meyrowitz, president of products, Macromedia.

Maison has expertise in evolutionary digital New Media. From concept creation, design, implementation to production, we introduce a complete new digital entertaining world streaming on internet or digital media. The whole new idea of "New Media" empowers you with Flash and animation, audio and video streaming, Java and Javascript interactivity, 3D model rendering and 3D virtual tours. To stand out your excellence among millions of daily viewers has become a choice to you now. Maison can get you on-line or on-disc fast and inexpensively.

With emphasis on creativity and functionality, Maison has years of experience in developing:
- Flash/Director presentations
- Flash websites
- Streaming audio and video
- Dynamic email campaigns with audio, video and commerce
- Interactive software demo
- 3D modeling for sales and training
- E-catalog
- Digital document publishing

Just to list a few examples, construction industry is using new media to present their building process, interactive cost measurement for tiles, wallpaper or wood. Software industry exclusively uses it to train users step-by-step about installation and how to use the software. E-catalogs are fully utilized for product datasheets and book publishing. Resorts, hotels and realtors use it for virtual tours. Automobile industry is heavily relying on 3D video for sales promotion. Healthcare industry uses 3D interactions to illustrate surgical procedures for training purposes. Pharmaceutical industry uses 3D models to demonstrate complex modular chemical reactions. All of these applications come to a realization that visualization and interactivity enhances marketing, communications and efficiency. Maison's mission is to bring this compelling value to you at exceptional inexpensive way.

Creosys Inc.
- Step-by step software demo for chip design engineer.

US Distant Learning Corp.
- presentation with Flash, TV interviews and software demo.

The Slade
- Flash presentation for the prestige real estate development in South Sea, Florida.

American Proimage Inc.
- an interactive e-catalog on CD with product datasheets and web links
- promotional Flash presentation on CD for products and service

- Business card size CD-ROM replication for sales promotion.

Palco Construction
- a Director presentation with video, interactive feedback form, product selections and cost calculator

4 Seasons Resort
- a resort promotion campaign with virtual tours of rooms, utilities and activities

Remec Wireless
- CD authoring for an e-catalog of product datasheets and specifications


Statistics shows that web content, ad banner, or email campaign with streaming video generates 70% click through and 49% buy rate. Maison uses state-of-the-art streaming technologies to stream broadcast-quality video and audio content over the web. We can encode your audio in MIDI, MP3, WAV and Real Audio formats and your video in MOV (QuickTime), SWF (Shockwave), WMF (Windows Media Files) and Real Player formats. We can also embed or plug your streaming audio and video clips into any web pages or make it interact with other programming codes.


Maison produces high-end 2D and 3D animation, audio, and video to deliver compelling message and effective training on CD or DVD discs. Our new media division is dedicated to multimedia on CD and DVD. We also offer DVD authoring, CD authoring, duplication and replication service. To learn more, click here.