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November 15, 2001 By Lauren Gibbons Paul

Timing is everything--a fact not lost on the founders of Viata Inc. A Honolulu-based application service provider to the online travel industry, Viata was a newborn in March 2000--hardly an auspicious time to begin an e-business.

"Our company was formed just about the time it all dried up," says Viata's Jay Abel ruefully.

When then-CTO Abel was designing the company's technical architecture, conserving company funds was a principal concern. Viata was in the process of hiring a staff of 60, and software-licensing fees to deploy Windows and Office to the whole group would easily run as high as $50,000--a cost that Abel couldn't justify.

The need to operate on a shoestring budget led to his controversial decision to use Linux not only on the company's servers, but also on its desktop PCs. The move was unusual because few companies had made a wholesale move to Linux at the time, and not many people understood the operating system's inner workings.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Abel's co-workers thought he was crazy. "Even I told him he was making a big mistake," says Deven Phillips, security officer and network analyst for Viata, who was then an outside technical consultant to the firm. Though Phillips had some experience with Linux, "I thought it was a little more difficult than the average user could handle. It wasn't as polished or friendly as modern OSes are."

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Server Solutions Department has a dedicated sales and support team to assist your networking, in even the simplest form, can be difficult to manage. Whether its all Linux or a mixed platform network, our Server Solutions Department can provide you with the solutions you need in a timely and thorough manner. We can help in all aspects, from the design of your network to installation, training, administration and support.

Maison offers following services:
- Server Installation
- Desktop Installation
- Network Cabling
- On-Site Surveys
- Peripheral Integration
- Internet Setup & Configuration
- LAN/WAN Integration

US Distant Learning Corp.
- a Linux server for web host with sendmail, ftp and remote access

Prolific Screen Print
- Windows 2000 server, IIS server and MsSQL server for web host

Quantwave Inc.
- a full feature Linux servers network for web host, ftp, sendmail and MySQL server

House of CD
- a Linux network with MySQL database and web-based system administrator.

- a Linux network with sendmail, ftp and MySQL.


Linux server comes completely pre-installed and configured. Everything under Linux is completely ready for immediate use - no delays getting your laptop up and running. We offer a wide range of support for your Linux installation. Our consultancy services range from system specifications, procurement assistance, installation, training to support, internet and intranet connectivity (including firewalls, proxies, various servers and security aspects).

Maison Expertise:
- Linux installation, firewall and proxy server installation
- Programming services: CGI and shell scripting
- Programming in Unix environments
- System administration
- Internet and Intranet connectivity
- Linux and network troubleshooting
- Linux training

Web hosting:
Host multiple websites. Provide FTP and email service to all those domains. The Apache web server, the most popular web server, is already up and running. Almost every other server in the Internet uses this versatile and powerful web server. It boasts extensive functionality and is highly configurable, allowing you to realize all your requirements. And it can be managed remotely.

Graphics workstation:
Turn PC into an advanced graphics workstation. Run software designed for SCO, Oracle, Spac Solaris, I386 BSD, and Xenix. Includes the complere X windows development environment and a healthy inventory of graphics tools. With Linux OS support for multiple CPU s, ultra-wide SCSI drives and advanced graphics boards, the power behind it is up to you. A whole range of image processing and graphics programs is available for Linux. The Gimp, an image processing program, compares favorably with commerical programs. Simple pictures can be very quickly created with Xpaint.

A programming learning tool:
Provide compilers for all common programming languages. Provide the GNU C & C++ development environment, a fortain compiler, Perl, TCL-Tk, and the JAVA development kit. Intranet server: Build hub of the computer network, with TCP/IP at it s core and a router and name server. With it's support for Novell s IPX, Microsoft s SMB, and Appletalk, it is an easy way to supply advanced network, mail, and internet services to all users. In order to link up a whole network to the Internet, Linux supports IP-masquerading. This means that a single machine (router) will then take care of the correct routing of all network-traffic.

Internet firewall/proxy server:
Provide monitored and logged internet access to everyone through one IP address while protecting your network from hackers. By means of a firewall, Linux protects your network from unwanted visitors. The packet filter integrated into kernel allows for flexible adaption to local requirements. In-coming as well as out-going IP traffic can be restricted. The Linux Firewall Admin Utility is included as is the SOCKS proxy server, the industry standard, supported by both Netscape and Microsoft. With the help of squid, the Proxy server, fequently requested documents can be held locally. This reduces IP traffic and speeds up the access to commonly used documents.

Netware server:
Use the Mars NWServer to provide file and print services to all your Netware clients. No per user license fees or restrictions!

Windows file server:
The Samba server provides file and print services to Windows 98, Windows for Workgroup, Windows NT/2000/XP and Lantastic clients.

ISP network:
Provide all the tools for internet service such as a multi-domain web server and IP aliasing, the Washington University FTP server, a POP3 server and sendmail, a DNS server, INN to run your newsgroup server, PPP for dialup access and support for multiple modems.