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November 09, 2002 By JAY MCCALL

If your business strategy is establishing a national or international presence, you probably have contact centers throughout the country or world to handle customer inquiries, orders, or service requests. While this strategy is a good first step toward CRM (customer relationship management), if your contact centers aren't working together you're not doing enough. Consider the following example of poor contact center management from Lawrence Byrd, CRM strategist for AVAYA (Basking Ridge, NJ), a provider of communication systems, applications, and services. Does this scenario reflect what's happening at your business?

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Many companies take advantage of platform independent and graphics rich web-enabled technologies. The increase of productivity, communication and workflow efficiency among employees, customers and partners significantly augments business performance. The wide range of web deployment has been expanded from database search, poll, portal, forum, FAQ, to self-help sales quote, live chat and helpdesk, employee training, software demo, instant shipment tracking and inventory control, remote database access and many more. The power of web-based software development is only limited by your imagination. So, let us take care of your backend development needs to support your business' front end growth and be part of your company success.

Maison's engineering teams are specialized in developing custom web-based applications using any of the technologies, which includes:

STI Certified Products Inc.
- Internet-based daily inventory update for customer browsing with secured log-in.

Prolific Screen Printing Inc.
- intranet-based sales quotation form created real-time by inside and outside sales representatives nationwide

Quantwave Inc.
- intranet-based contact management and potential customer databases. Integrated with existing client databases.

Medical Imaging Consulting
- internet-based remote access to medical digial scanned images for outpatients and off-duty doctors.

Web Language
Development Language
Visual C++
Visual Basic
Operating Systems
Windows 2000, NT
Sun Solaris
MS Access

Maison Networks develop, design, maintain and couple with hosting companies to host your internet applications. We can drive you to extend the reach of your business, quickly and easily, to your clients or suppliers through the internet super highway. To customize internet applications that intelligently fit your specific business goals. From consulting, planning, developing, testing and maintaining, we bring our best valve to create an optimized solution for you.

We believe that each business is different not only by providing different products and services but by providing them differently. There are many ways to do business differently. Some of the leading applications of internet today include:
  Communication Forum/newsgroup/ communities
Instant messenger/unifying messenger
Live chat or helpdesk
Press release
Education On-line curriculum
Real-time seminars/conference
Online software/product demo
Sales Force Automation (SFA) On-line auction
Real-time quotation
Price comparison
Online catalog
Contact management
Customer Service
Customer Relation Management (CRM)
Instant shipment tracking
Instant inventory check
Customer rating
  Other Services
Investor relation, Job listings, Online resume, Home listings, Appraisal service, Loan service, Map, Delivery appointment, Online magazine and etc.

Ongoing researches on internet applications are exploring many other arenas for our future. We are committed to cutting edge technologies in order to integrate an internet solution for you. If you think the cost is prohibitive, fill out an online quotation form and try us!


The power of intranet is not second to internet. It is gaining importance as companies take advantage of the internet protocol to build a solid infrastructure to enhance internal communications, workflows and efficiency. More and more applications are also being developed for extranet to enhance partner relationships and flow of information. All of these happening converged to a reason of lower operating cost, thus higher operating margins.

Most of the new document/information exchange today relies on internet protocol to be transmitted in corporate intranet for its ease of accessibility and compatibility. Some of the leading applications of intranet today include:

  Database Access
To access corporate databases remotely through secured web-based intranet affirms accessibility from anywhere around the global. It helps whether there is salesperson on the road or a doctor at home browsing patient's records.
Employee Training
As internet embeds the capability of streaming media, most of the big corporations are employing video/web conference/training for their employees. Training on internet allows employees to learn at their own pace with time flexibility. It can also be broadcast at very short period of time and at fraction of cost in comparing to conventional conference.
  Document Exchange
Getting business proposals, reports, product design, product plans reviewed and approved efficiently is challenging, especially when all the reviewers are located around the world. Web-based document exchange allows secured document reading on-line. It can also allow encrypted digital signature for authentication.
Business Efficiency
More and more businesses are utilizing web-based intranet applications to improve efficency, hence reducing cost. These applications include web-based contact management, accounting system, sales quotation, inventory control, supply chain streamline, delivery appointment, expense report so on and so forth.
  The applications for web-based intranet are only limited by your imagination. Whatever in your mind to streamline any piece of your businesses now, there will be a better web-based solution. Let Maison arrange a free initial consultation for you. We will organize, propose, design and develop the best solution for your company based on your existing network.